Notice About Camphor Use

I’m attempting to access a share over a Mac. That I can scan/get access to it from another Mac and from, and the share is over a FAT32 additional travel the Laptop. Nevertheless when I attempt to link from Android, I get a mistake around the login/code (same user/cross when I’m applying from other Mac and from Laptop). This happens with equally ES File Explorer and AndSMB. I’ve tried both checking and unchecking the "Windows File Sharing" checkbox on the Mac, using private, and two distinct userids (one a login user, the other a "sharing-just" user). The Android product (Galaxy Notice 12.2 operating CyanogenMod 12.1/Android 5.1.1) may access Windows shares but I must reach some material on the Mac. My telephone (share GS6) could be the same–can access Windows and my routeris Flash share however, not the relevant forum Mac. I’d like to-use SMB as opposed to something such as file-transfer since I’d like to flow video from my Mac to my children’s capsules that are android on the lengthy airplane flight. Browsing didn’t arrive something beneficial and so I’d appreciate suggestions to threads where this has been outlined. п»ї