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2021 was fun – but 2022, we’re ready for you!

2021 was fun – but 2022, we’re ready for you!


We grew a lot this year, and can’t wait to continue our growth next year. Read below to see where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Here are some of our exciting 2021 highlights: 

Brand New Venues

2021 was a year full of memorable moments. A couple of which were new additions to the aVenue venue list! The Wellvue and The Axe Trap & Rêmēdy brought our clients impressive new options to choose from. 

The Wellvue, an expansive venue, is equipped with indoor and outdoor spaces that fit each client’s needs. Accompanied by gorgeous architecture and numerous amenities, the Wellvue has something for everyone.

The Axe Trap & Rêmēdy added some excitement to our list of venues. During the day, the space operates as Rêmēdy Coffee Shop by Foxtail CoffeeCo, a modern coffee bar with a vintage atmosphere. At night, this cafe transforms into The Axe Trap, an eclectic space full of unique areas, vibrant cocktails, and not to mention exhilarating axe throwing!  

The Balcony Orlando

Our growth kept soaring in 2021, 11 stories high to be exact. The Balcony Orlando was one of our most impactful additions to date. With stunning views of Downtown Orlando, we provided our clients with memorable celebrations. From weddings to award ceremonies, every guest was swept away with breathtaking views and memories. 

This gorgeous open-air setting accompanied by an indoor gallery space makes The Balcony Orlando a versatile venue fit for any occasion. We’re delighted to have created memories at The Balcony to last a lifetime. 

Our Growing  Team

2021 didn’t stop there for us. We were lucky to gain new team members to join our mission to #ditchtheballroom and deliver unique event planning services to our amazing clients. Our growing team allowed us to deliver even more personalization to each event. As we head into 2022, we are fortunate to have a strong, highly skilled team to lead us into more successful events.   

Perfectly Paired Partnerships

There’s nothing like a perfect pairing. Whether it be wine and cheese, or aVenue and leading industry partners – they both go great together. We were honored to have worked with some outstanding partners this year. One of our highlights was with Wings Wheels Water hosted by Sheltair Aviation opening the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. 

Wings Wheels Water was a thrilling event for us. We were delighted to have assisted in creating an event that had many moving parts, from handling the sponsor and exhibitor acquisition to adding unique elements. All in all, Wings Wheels Water was one for the books. 

Where we see ourselves in 2022

To say the least, our growth in 2021 was unstoppable. Emerging from a challenging year in 2020 and gradually learning to adapt to a changing environment, we continued to prosper and deliver to our valuable clients. As we look forward to 2022, we have nothing but great plans to continue creating exceptional events with memories to last forever. 




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