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At aVenue, We’ll Go the Extra Mile for Your Destination Event

At aVenue, We’ll Go the Extra Mile for Your Destination Event


Coordinating an event is a lot to handle, especially if that event takes place in a new location in a different city or state. You have to plan extra travel details to get your event to run smoothly in a far away location. From getting there, to venue selection, and let’s not forget planning the actual event! You’ll need a team like our’s to take your event anywhere you want to go. From the west to the east coast, we’ll handle your destination event from top to bottom. Read how we plan MOPAR’s annual convention, which takes place in a new city every year! 

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Mopar Masters Guild – Annual Corporate Meeting


MOPAR Masters Guild, an organization for members of the automotive business community, is responsible for hosting an annual convention for networking within their community.  For years MOPAR has worked with various event planners until they had the opportunity to work with us. From that point on, we’ve assisted MOPAR with exceptional destination events for five consecutive years. 


Our long-lasting relationship with MOPAR has allowed us to anticipate their event planning needs, allowing them to enjoy being a part of the process. From seating arrangements to budget details, we ensure this event is successful (and cost-effective) each year. Moreover, MOPAR can worry less, trusting our expertise to produce a successful event each year.

Last year’s event was no exception. MOPAR was looking to plan its event in San Francisco. With a location set in place, we started planning the event from the ground up. The first step was to book a hotel that could accommodate over 100 people in the same block. Leveraging our network of hospitality partners, we found a hotel that would serve as lodging and the convention venue. 

After booking the location, we tackled every detail with grace. Since aVenue and MOPAR have collaborated for the past eight years, we knew what they needed and when they needed it, including personalized details such as specific seating arrangements and refreshment selections at the meetings. We handle everything from planning the daily itinerary to ensuring guests were enjoying every minute of the convention. 

Find out more about MOPAR’s destination convention HERE.

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Let us take your event to new “sites” 

At aVenue, we get it – taking your event to new turf is no walk in the park. Specifically, if that park is across the country. With so many factors to account for, planning a successful destination event can feel very overwhelming. However, our trained and skilled team can take your event anywhere you desire. From New York to San Francisco and anywhere in between, we’ll make your destination event an unforgettable experience for years to come.

Are you looking to take your event to a new destination? Book with AEG and host an event that is extraordinary for years to come!

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