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Who is Lyft?

Lyft, for any who aren’t familiar, is an app that connects people who need rides, with drivers who take them to the destination of their choice. The app allows drivers to pay for their rides via credit card, and the fares vary depending on the time of day, length of the ride, and current events going on around the community.

Originally marketed with their eclectic pink mustache on a vehicle, Lyft has quickly expanded to over 600 cities, currently, Lyft is the 2nd largest Ride Share Company in the United States. In order to gain entry and popularity in a new market and continue to expand their presence, Lyft would market themselves in a number of ways, one being setting up activations at existing events throughout the city.


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After Lyft went public and began further expansion into new markets and increase ridership, they needed additional help.  Lyft inquired with AEG to get help planning and executing promotional events.  AEG would set-up and break down each activation from the ground up. During one-day events, set-up would be a few hours before the event began, and all would be broken down following the event. However, during our multi-day events, set-up may be a few hours before the event began, but breakdown would need to take place at completion of each event day.

Each activation would also vary, based on the community event that we were attending. Lyft never strayed to fit the theme, so our activation would evolve as our events did!

"We love working with you! Can't wait to continue working with you next year!" - Chloe Liang, LYFT Market Operations Specialist

LYFT + Avenue Event Group

When Lyft originally approached AEG, their primary focus was to expand their current customer base, and to bring as much awareness as possible to their brand. Their idea was to attend current community events that were already planned, but they needed assistance with the planning and execution of their execution of their activation and ride share hubs. Not only were we thrilled to be considered, but we knew we were the perfect solution for the Lyft team! We quickly assigned an Account Manager to the Lyft account, and from then on, Megan was the go-to girl for the Lyft team.


in Orlando, Tampa & Miami

How we contributed to the event's success

At many of the different events, we would bring in any number of vendors and promotional materials for the designated Lyft pick up and drop off locations.  One example is a custom Lyft Photo Booth, which was available to anyone who had just been dropped off, or waiting for their Lyft to arrive.  This allowed the Lyft passengers to have something to do in their downtime, and in turn, also promoted the sharing of their photos on their social media channels.

Out of the 7 different Lyft events that we hosted over the year, one of the most memorable had to be both the St. Pete & Orlando Pride Events. We set up a very large activation, promoting gender equality, called “Two is too few”. The 10×10 activation allowed anyone in attendance the opportunity to jot down a word that describes them best and post it on the activation itself. Lyft also walked in the parade at both pride festivals!

Another great event was in collaboration with Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge opening. They knew that they would have drivers that would be swamped with rides that evening, so they wanted to do something to give back to them! Most of the events that we had hosted to date, were focused on showcasing the Lyft brand to potential and current riders, but this event was truly special because it was for the drivers! We offered car washes, a lounge area that we set-up with snacks and beverages, the Kombi Keg, and they had a support team available on site, to answer any questions drivers may have had about the app.


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I know that we’ve said it before, but the benefit of working with the same planning firm is that we know you, we know your mission, and we know your event. Megan would set up quarterly calls, and from there would get dates for any upcoming events for the next few months. During the course of a year, AEG hosted 7 different Lyft events in the Central Florida and Tampa area. Each event would coincide with a community event taking place in the area.


“Thank you SOOOO much for all of the help!

I really can’t express how appreciative we are 🙂 “

- Chloe Liang

Market Operations Specialist - LYFT

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