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Who is MOPAR Masters Guild?

MOPAR Master Guild is a membership-based organization for professionals and dealers in the automotive parts industry. They serve as a resource to help their members identify business trends, changes, and opportunities to better position themselves for success.

MMG connects its members with leading automotive dealers and vendors nationwide. To maintain and grow their connections, they host an annual meeting in conjunction with the National Automobile Dealers Convention each year in a different city.


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MMG and Avenue Event Group 

Taking Ownership

MMG has hosted their Annual Mopar Masters Guild Meeting for 27 years. There have been many planners that have supported them in achieving successful meetings, and Avenue Event Group has been fortunate enough to help them continue that streak for the past five years. We’ve gotten familiar with their needs as well as the industry to deliver a seamless program year-after-year.

Working with such a long-term client has brought to light their need to tend to their daily job responsibilities and tasks which often take priority over even planning such a significant event. They don’t have time to scout venues or research details such as the distances to local attractions from their host hotel. They needed someone to take ownership over the entire project so they can continue to focus on more pressing needs.

Enter AEG. We’ve collaborated with MMG in four different locations, over the past five years, across the country hosting more than 120 of members each year.

MMG & Avenue Event Group

Since MMG and AEG teamed up over 5 years ago, AEG has planned, produced and executed all of MMG’s signature events all across the country, including Orlando, Las Vegas, New Orleans and San Francisco.


Delegates Hosted Across The Country

How we contributed to the event's success

Anticipating needs

AEG has worked with Mopar since 2014, and although it is the same company, they change their President and board members every two years. That means new people with new ideas and preferences that need to be communicated and anticipated for their upcoming event. 

After a couple of years, we began to anticipate important needs for their meetings and events to be successful and cost effective. For example, the group always requires a U-shaped seating arrangement which allows everyone to face each other and communicate as a team rather than stare at the backs of heads. They also require an all-day beverage package for their meetings which saves them money since hotels charge based on consumption. An all-day beverage package is more cost effective for 10 hour meetings. These are examples of details that could potentially get lost in translation as a result of newly elected officials if they have changed their planner. 

We’re able to help the new points of contact settle in with valuable information because we’ve remained consistent over the years. It also makes it easy to anticipate the “what ifs” for the event since this isn’t our first rodeo.

Supporting their bottom line

We pride ourselves on knowing and anticipating what’s needed for MMG’s meetings, dinners, and events so they can go off without a hitch. For instance, we know their customer reception is where they’re “sealing the deal” with new vendors and car dealers so we ensure that the music isn’t too loud to facilitate conversations and deal-making. 

After five years of working with MMG, we know the order of operations needed to lock in their meeting space, room blocks, dinners, and events so the process not only flows well, but we can also save them money by being on top of everything. For example, we’ve found that by booking their room block and meeting space about a year in advance allows us to get ahead of the competition as well as get better rates for the guild members who are spending weeks at a time at off site hotels. 

Making it fun!

More importantly, we’re able to build in an efficient process that gives us a jump on next year. Within a month of their completed event, we have hotel options selected and contracted, so we can focus on the fun stuff like unique dinners, wives’ brunch ideas, and their yearly customer reception, making it easier to foster their member relationships and tailor the overall experience to be more memorable each year. 

Mopar Masters Guild

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“Everything was absolutely fabulous! I don’t think we could have asked for a better week. We have received a lot of great feedback from members and are very excited about moving forward! Again, thank you for everything. You really took a huge load off of us!”


President - Mopar Masters Guild

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