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Wings Wheels Water

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Who is Wings Wheels Water?

Wings Wheels Water is a premier event hosted by Sheltair Aviation during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. This event takes place right on the tarmac at Sheltair Aviation and has been a staple, kicking off the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show for the past 15 years.

This private affair hosts South Florida’s elite–owners of private aircraft, luxury and exotic vehicles, and superyachts–for a night of networking, entertainment and fun. Guests can explore some of the greatest brands in exotic and rare cars, and ultramodern aircraft and amphibious vehicles, while mingling with other influential members of the community. 


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With connections to more than 800 elite business members from all over the world, Wings Wheels Water offers the unique opportunity for targeted sponsorships working with brands such as Bacardi, Jet It, Island Global Yachting, and Bank United.

AEG worked with Sheltair Aviation to put on an unforgettable event that showcased 8 private jets, a helicopter, a bulletproof boat, and 10 exotic and retro-styled luxury cars.

Wings Wheels Water and aVenue Event Group

Sheltair recently built a new FBO and remodeled the old FBO building at the executive airport in Orlando, which became the new headquarters of aVenue Event Group back in 2020. Through this relationship and through developing ‘The Hangar’ private event brand with Sheltair, aVenue was able to collaborate and quickly built a rapport as a trusted event partner. 

After 14 years of hosting the Wings Wheels Water event with other planners, Sheltair handed over the reins to AEG to plan the event for their 15th year. Already having collaborated with Sheltair on other events, aVenue was able to anticipate their needs and were familiar with the style and expectations of working together. 

aVenue Event Group was honored to continue the success of Wings Wheels Water as an integral part of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Sheltair Aviation Tarmac

How We’ve Contributed to the Success of Wings Wheels Water

Anticipating needs

After working with Sheltair on countless other hangar events, aVenue Event Group was well-equipped to take on the planning and execution of the prestigious Wings Wheels Water event. Planning took place 7 months prior to the event to begin site visits and to ensure sponsors and exhibitors were secured. With a similar layout to the Orlando location, where the aVenue offices are located on-site, we were extremely familiar with the layout of the Fort Lauderdale Sheltair and how the event would best come together. 

Targeting the right clientele

Wings Wheels Water is a private affair showcasing luxury brands and companies —having the right clientele is essential to a successful event. Because of Sheltair’s long tenure of hosting Wings Wheels Water, we were able to carefully curate an elite guest list consisting of South Florida’s tastemakers.

Working with trusted sponsors

Sponsor investments involve more than just exposure to an elite audience. This exclusive community encourages business connections that go beyond the event and we have continued to work with some of the best in business. At this year’s event, guests enjoyed cocktails sponsored by Bacardi, explored retro-styled cars from Bullet Motor Sports, and could network with individuals from Bank United, TD Bank, and Truist to name a few.

Adding unique elements

For this year’s Wings Wheels Water event, we added many unique elements to help set the scene. Florida Event Decor added a beach ball entrance to the hangar as well as chic furniture to the lounge spaces. Guests walked through an entrance of flowers and hanging lanterns on the tarmac, and could relax in the coastal cabanas. Swing seats were scattered throughout the area and when the sun set, the event was illuminated by truss lighting, and the atmosphere was set with audio from AV Matters. 


We are Different
Because We are Invested

When AEG signs on a new venue we are fully invested. Not only do we facilitate event bookings, we manage all marketing and sales tools to ensure each venue is constantly visible to our clients. We dedicate our time to ensure each venue is increasing event sales while creating memorable events for everyone.


“Sheltair’s Wings Wheels Water event has been one of the most coveted venues in South Florida for more than ten years. This event’s elite audience expects an extraordinary experience only made possible by extremely precise planning and attention to detail. This year, aVenue Event Group stepped up to lead the event, exceeding the expectations of the Sheltair team, our guests, and sponsors. AEG didn’t just put together a fantastic evening; they elevated the experience of all past venues while ensuring our teams remained stress-free in one of the most logistically challenging scenarios as it took place on an active airport platform. We are delighted to have partnered with aVenue Event Group and look forward to WWW 2022.”

- David Buritica

Sheltair Director of Sales and Marketing

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