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From Vision to Reality: Large Corporate Event Production with AEG

From Vision to Reality: Large Corporate Event Production with AEG


It’s no secret that event planning is a lot of work, especially for large-scale corporate events. You want to please your hard-working staff for all they do but don’t want to reward them with a bland venue. We understand that going the extra mile for your team is a priority. At aVenue Event Group, we take pride in producing a memorable corporate event from start to finish.

Got an idea? We have a plan. Don’t know where to start? We will walk you through it all. Whether your corporate event is big or small, we’ve got you covered. From rebranding parties to annual events, we’ve done it all. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our most successful corporate events below. 

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3M Health Information Systems – Corporate Client Event

3M Healthcare Information Systems, a well-known software and consulting company, attends the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Convention every year. When they reached out to AEG, they wanted a grand venue, celebrity talent headline, and a team to pull it all off. With only three months to produce this event, AEG stepped up to the plate. Countless vendor searching and site inspections, AEG found the perfect sweet spot for 3M and even included a performance from legendary Keith Urban. 

AEG built this event from the ground up and didn’t skimp out on the details. They chose The Hangar venue to host the convention for its giant space and unique ambiance. Hosting over 200 guests and contracting 13 vendors and the one and only Keith Urban, there was something for everyone. AEG made sure to organize and meticulously design this convention after-party to a T. As a result, 3M continues to talk about this special event to this day. 

Find out more about 3M’s unforgettable event HERE.

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OFRA Cosmetics Glow-Up – Corporate Rebranding Event

OFRA Cosmetics is a leading brand in makeup and skincare. As a growing company, they launched their rebrand as a corporate ‘glow-up’ to showcase their new logo and plans for the future. After contacting over 20 event companies, OFRA felt it was right to go with AEG, and they weren’t wrong. OFRA didn’t have much of an idea on the event, just that they wanted it to be in Miami. Of course, this didn’t stop AEG. AEG found the perfect venue, the Perez Art Museum, ideal for such an artistic event.

AEG’s superb event production succeeded in achieving OFRA’s vision for their grand rebranding celebration. Everything was just right, from the production to the catering to the attendees! With over 200 influencers, eight brand activations, and 19 vendors, this event was customized to engage every guest.

Find out more about this event HERE.

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Embraer Praetor Jets Unveiling – Experiential Marketing Event

Embraer Jets is an aerospace conglomerate that provides a variety of aircraft services. At the time, Embraer recently came out with two new jets and wanted to unveil their creation to clients and professionals in the aviation industry in a spectacular way. Embraer already had a location in mind, The Hangar, as it was the only place to exhibit two brand new jet planes!

Although choosing a venue location was taken care of, there was still a lot of event production to be done. AEG took to this event by the ‘yoke’ and steered this event to success. From the guest list to the vendors, everything began to take shape according to Embraer’s vision. AEG was right by Embraer’s side every step of the way and, in return, produced an event that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

At aVenue, we’ll take care of everything.

Planning large-scale corporate events is an enormous undertaking, especially when they include elaborate event production components. We know there are many moving pieces to pull off an event that will please everyone on your guest list. We have the skills and expertise to turn your vision into reality. We understand our client’s needs. Whether they are big or small, we follow through and through with great success!

The next time you are planning a big corporate event, think of us. We’ve got everything you need, from ideas to contacts to venues. And we’ll make sure to leave your guests with a lasting memory of the event you envisioned!

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