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At aVenue, we do all things with intention. Nothing is done without you in mind, and we’re continually refining our processes to serve our clients and venues better. We have core values that are foundational to our culture and serve as the inspiration that catalyze our growth. But why keep all of this goodness to ourselves when you’re the ones that deserve to know why we do what we do and how we make planning and hosting events with us a breeze. 

Learn how we take the stress out of planning first-hand so you can have fun from start to finish!

The AEG Power Team + Our Values

We are firm believers that if you want to make an impact, you can’t do it alone, so we’d like to (re)introduce the core members of the aVenue team and share why they love what they do!

Jill Vance | Director of Client Relations & Destination Management Badass

Hi, I’m Jill. As a founding partner of aVenue, I bring a wealth of coast-to-coast hospitality experience. I’m usually the go-to for building relationships with clients like you and making sure your event is planned to the T regardless of the destination. 

My vision for starting AEG was to take the relationships and quality of work anywhere in the country. I’m looking forward to celebrating all the things we missed out on (but are grateful for) in 2020. We’re looking forward to partying as much as you this year!

Ashley Miller | Venue Management & Development + Event Upleveler 

Hi there, I’m Ashley! I am also a founding member of aVenue, and I came with the vision of creating unique experiences for our clients at non-traditional venues. I sought out locations that were not necessarily “event spaces” and figured out how to host events there. And our clients loved these new options! 

I’m also responsible for finding ways to include enhancements at your event that make it even more memorable, like helicopter rides. This year we’re adding even more venues to our exclusive venues list, and all that time in quarantine has really got my creative juices flowing on how to take your event to the next level! We’re excited to celebrate with you this year!

The Dream Team

Megan Rodriguez | Event Sales Manager 

Hey there! I’m Megan, and I’m responsible for corporate events and destination management. I love my role because it brings new challenges every day. It keeps things exciting, and I get to meet new people all the time. Working at AEG has been amazing because we’re like a family. We have each other’s backs, and that quality extends to our clients. We love who we work with!

Hannah Bollinger | Event Sales Manager

Hi! I’m Hannah, and the most important aspect of my role as an event coordinator is to be an incredible listener. Yes, listening to our clients’ needs directly impacts the level of service we deliver, so as a great listener, you can expect great service. I love working with my AEG family because we trust one another to show up to get things done. I’m grateful that the vendors and venues I work with are also dependable in a similar way because, in the ever-changing world of events (thanks, 2020), you need to be surrounded by good people. At AEG, you are!

Annalise Huckabee | Event Sales Manager

Hi everyone! I’m Annalise, and in my role at AEG, I handle all of the events at Crooked Can – you may catch me on-site at the brewery a few days a week – as well as events at some really cool venues in Downtown Orlando. Working at aVenue has been such a fantastic experience because as a people-person, I get to meet someone new every day! As the other girls said, aVenue has this family-vibe. You don’t find that at every company, but it allows us to be creative when planning events and try new things. That’s why our clients never host the same event twice!


Prompt and Superior Customer Service  |  Creativity  |  Trust  |  Innovation

Our team members love what they do because we all share in our core values independently and collectively. Each day is different, and that’s what gets us excited. We don’t want our clients to conform to our venues or services, we want to celebrate their individuality as much as their occasion. 

Here’s an example of how a client wanted helicopter rides at an event, and we made it happen.

Communication & Organization is Our Forte

From the moment you reach out to one of our venues or on our website (here’s an example of the form) we reach out to you within a 24-hour period or less! We send along details about the venue or information about the destination you want to plan your event. Yes, we have partnerships from Vegas, to New Orleans, to D.C. to Chicago. But here’s the amazing part. From the moment you reach out to us you get your own link on our company portal. What does that mean? You basically have your own digital file to access all the information about your event. From the details that you input in your form to the information that we send you all the way through to viewing and signing the proposal, to payment, and messaging your account coordinator. 

No email chains, text messages, or phone calls NOTE: we can talk on the phone, but everything is also in writing so you don’t have to remember All. The. Things.

Everything is in one place. That’s it.

Plan & Execute with the Same Person

Planning and Execution

We’re all about continuity, so you won’t find any games of “telephone” here. We want to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks at your event which is why the same person planning your event will also be on-site the day of your event. It’s as simple as that. It’s how we uphold our quality of service and build trust with our clients. We’re not going to leave you hanging. 

The value is in the follow-up

You’re not done with us after the event. Remember we’re interested in the relationship with our clients so we’ll check in afterward to hear all about how things went and more importantly, how everyone enjoyed themselves. We love hearing clients still getting feedback from their guests weeks after their event. We like giving them something to talk about! 

2021 Events. We’re here for it. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our team and what makes aVenue a great place to work AND an amazing company to work with. We look forward to hosting your 2021 events! 

Reach out to us if you have any questions about our venues and let’s get to celebrating!

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