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Host a Holiday Party in the New Year

Host a Holiday Party in the New Year

Minnesota, Nashville, Orlando

It’s December and we bet you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. If you didn’t get a chance to put together a last minute holiday party for your team, don’t worry! We can you show you how to host a “holiday party” in the new year. 

There are many benefits to hosting your Employee Appreciation Event in 2020, but here are a few to help put things into perspective.

  1. Focus on Family: It allows you and your employees to enjoy spending time with family and friends for the holidays instead of adding yet another engagement to the holiday hustle. ✨‍ 
  2. Relax More: Gives you (and your team) time to relax instead of planning for the party on top of your current workload, which can get a little hectic when closing out the year. 🍾 
  3. Save Money: Because venues are in such high demand around the holidays they tend to cost more. You’ll spend less in the new year when the holiday party rush dies down. 💰 
  4. More Availability: You’ll have your pick of the calendar when you book in the new year instead of trying to grab a coveted December date. 📅

We’ve found that a lot of clients prefer to host their employee appreciation event in the new year for these reasons. The best part is that we have exclusive vendors and venues in Orlando, Minneapolis, and Nashville to put on an amazing event. But if you’re not planning on hosting an event in these areas, it doesn’t mean we can’t work together! We’ve been at this for a while and know who to get in contact with to get your event scheduled in any destination you choose.

Here are some examples of our favorite venues to host an employee appreciation event in the new year! Not to mention, you can really celebrate the turn of the decade with a Roaring 20s Party. Which is such a fun event to host! Take a look at the inspiration below.


Downtown Orlando


Sometimes it’s hard to envision what a place might feel like on the inside. With Mathers, that’s not the case. The history is all encompassing and honestly, things feel a little more swanky when you’re sitting in a building from the late 1800s. But don’t let the decor be confused for “stuffy”. Mathers was literally designed to be a social gathering spot. It says so in the name! The setting can make even a guest list of 150 (reception style) feel cozy.

Why we love it!

There are a lot of venues that require a ton of decor – ballrooms *cough, cough* – but this one doesn’t need to be jazzed up to be awesome. And you wouldn’t want to. That means you can save your money or invest it into entertainment, gifts, food, better cocktails, whatever your heart (and your guests) desire. 


Downtown Orlando


Maybe some of you are familiar with Celine. Dancing your heart out on a Friday or Saturday night, but if you’re like us (well into our 30s and 40s) clubbing might be a thing of the past. The cool part is, you can host your own party with your choice of entertainment – which could mean a little less bass. Celine is a multi-story venue that can host 1,000 guests. Of course you don’t need a guest list that large to use this venue because they have 4 semi-private rooms to choose from. We’ve included them below so you can get more acquainted. 

Speakeasy: Taking you back to the Prohibition Era. Antique furniture, elaborate drink menus, and attention to detail separate this space from the rest.

Mezzanine: This is an elevated viewing area overlooking the stage of the venue. This area offers guests the “Next Level” experience by providing a full view of the stage accompanied by a private bar and VIP concierge service.

Rooftop Lounge: Overlooking the heart of downtown. this is the perfect place to host a small event.

The Sports Club: The latest addition to the Celine family, the Sports Club at Celine has added an additional room to watch your favorite games and an additional area to relax and socialize during events. 

Why we love it!

Celine Orlando was designed to party! And they have all the makings (especially the AV capabilities) to really submerge your guests in the event experience. There are a ton of customizable features too. So although the venue isn’t as decorated as some of the others on this list, it allows your company to customize/brand the space to suit your culture and dance the night away!


Downtown Orlando


If you’ve got cocktail connoisseurs on your guest list we recommend The Robinson. What better way to show your appreciation for your employees than a handcrafted beverage to ease into the new DECADE! Their bar and casual seating is perfect for a trendy cocktail party. There are options for outside catering, but like Mathers, what you’ll save in decor you can invest in the perfect spread. So round up 125 (or less) guests to experience this retro-chic mixology venue.

Why we love it!

Who doesn’t love a thoughtfully made…well, anything? These cocktails are not made, they are designed. And the commitment to design in every other aspect of the venue is more than instagrammable. The bar is the focal feature, but things like the herringbone pattern in the wood flooring, exposed beams in the ceiling and brick walls contribute to the overall experience. You can tell they wanted to preserve and pay tribute to one of the many eras that the building lived through. As Orlando natives, we really appreciate that.


Downtown Orlando


History comes in many different packages and The Wellborn is the perfect example of that. This boutique hotel has multiple on-site buildings to host your guests. Including a kitchen and cafe offering catering options. The three spaces can be rented separately or collectively, but the best selling feature of this venue has to be it’s proximity to downtown Orlando and FREE parking. Usually “downtown” and “free parking” don’t go together. But at the Wellborn they do! Although there aren’t enough spots for all 400 guests (that’s the max for a full buyout), but the street parking and easy bus access can get everyone there. So don’t hold back on your guest list!

Why we love it!

Ok, so you know how loud a downtown area can be? It’s pretty much an “all-in-your-face” experience. I mean, that’s what makes a downtown area a “downtown area”, right? Well, the Wellborn is more like a “Central Park” feel. Not as large, of course, but hear us out. You can experience this “retreat” location and feel more secluded and relaxed, but when you’re ready, you can experience the downtown scene once you leave. It creates an intimate setting right in the hustle and bustle of Downtown Orlando. 👏Love 👏 It


St. Paul


Hey, Minneapolis peeps! We’ve got a venue that can rock your socks off. Quite literally. We’d like to introduce Myth Live. Which may not be a new venue to you if you’ve been there for concerts or live shows. But have you considered hosting your own private event with a private show? We have! And we’re doing it! The venue can host 3,000 guests with 6 bars…SIX BARS. But you don’t need to have such a large guest list to host your event here because there are 3 private suites. It’s not very common for locations to have completely private sections of their venue (usually semi-private) plus…FREE PARKING. Yep, can you tell that free parking is important to us? Ha! 

Why we love it!

Aside from the free parking and the private space, what we love the most about Myth Live is the location! It’s so close to the freeway which gets you to downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis quickly so you’re not stuck staying in the area if you want to keep the party going. And at our parties, a lot of guests do!


Midtown Nashville


Winners is rightfully named and really sets the tone for a strong new year especially for an employee appreciation event. Nashville is just one of those cities that truly mean “come as you are” when they say it. The casual laid-back vibe is very much alive at this sports bar with a full restaurant. It will have all of your favorite food (the kind of food people actually like to eat) and since you’re in the Music City, booking live music to perform on their stage for up to 200 of your guests isn’t hard. And with its Midtown location, there’s a lot of fun to be had after the event as well.

Why we love it!

One word: Karaoke. We love it! Especially for corporate events. Why? Because it takes the edge off, and allows people to connect on a more personal level. We’re all about creating an environment for you and your guests to make memories and karaoke is a perfect way to do just that! 

BONUS: Roaring 20s Event Inspiration

Client: Couture Med Spa – Customer Appreciation Event

With the turn of the decade, we’ve come full circle back to the roaring 20s – minus the prohibition and depression. I guess you can say it’s a Roaring 20s Revival. We know when the Great Gatsby Movie came out this theme was all the rage. But it couldn’t be more fitting now! Most holiday parties have a “holiday theme” and we know hosting an event in the new year can lack that magical Christmas spirit. We think hosting a Prohibition Party would be the best way to incorporate a theme into an employee appreciation event in the New Year. Here is some inspiration from a Roaring 20s event we’ve hosted in the past. It’s one of our favorites!

Have questions or need more information? Reach out to us about hosting an employee appreciation event in 2020!

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