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How Event Planners Can Let Loose Before the Busy Holiday Season

How Event Planners Can Let Loose Before the Busy Holiday Season

Sean Hughes Jr. | Las Vegas, Minnesota, Nashville, Orlando, South Florida

As business owners and event planners, we definitely know what it feels like to always work the “holiday rush”.  Throughout the year, our events usually fall between Monday and Thursday, but in December most events are on Fridays and Saturdays. This shift in our event schedule causes us to work 6 to even 7 days a week for 3+ weeks in a row. Not to mention, the typical craziness of the holidays with family coming into town, preparing meals, buying gifts, traveling, going to our own holiday parties. It really can sometimes feel like you’re going non-stop starting the week of Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. I guess we don’t need to say more about why taking a break before the holiday season is so important, but we will say this, it’s important to build you and your team up before you serve others. Leaving yourself and your team last will not only hurt morale but leave everyone burnt out and resentful and that’s not what this is about!

So here are some ways to keep you and your team cheerful during the crazy holiday season. We’ve also included pictures from our own outing to Disney Springs for inspiration!

  1. Take a day away from the office during the work week. The second part of that is key. Do NOT make people give up their weekend to do something work-related even if it’s fun. That is their personal, family time. Going out to let loose on a “school day” has that same effect it used to when you were a kid, but better because you’re getting paid for it. Getting paid to have fun while everyone else is still at work is awesome. Enjoy it!
  2. Get a little weird. Now we don’t mean this in an uncomfortable sense, but we’re all human. You don’t need an outing to have a little fun. You can get silly at work by having impromptu dance parties (dare we say, “Christmas music?”) or have a little holiday craft break to make snowflakes to decorate the office before things get crazy. At least they’ll look festive! As adults, we still crave moments where our brains can take a break and decompress. I mean, we’re party people after all! We know how to have a good time that’s why we dedicate our lives to ensuring “good times” for others! Create these short moments in your office and you’ll see how collaborative you’ll be when it’s showtime.
  3. Prioritize what really needs to get done for your events and stick to it. There’s no need to add more chaos before the chaos. Things that are important will get done, but don’t sacrifice the whole lot of them by overwhelming yourself. Bizzbabo has some helpful tips that will keep your priorities in line.
  4. Help each other get out of the office on time. No one needs to stay late before their 6 or 7-day work week starts up. Come together to get things done and get home at a decent time…or maybe even early! Not to mention there will be other positive repercussions just by helping each other.
  5. Remember we’re all rowing in the same crazy canoe. Sometimes when we get all hopped up on our own to-do list we forget that our neighbor has an equally sizeable list. It’s all good. Just remind yourself and your team that we’re literally all in this together. Don’t let the amount of work divide you, instead let it empower you to kick ass as a team.

Take a look at our company outing at Disney Springs. We hope it inspires you to plan your own!

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