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Hybrid Events with AEG

Hybrid Events with AEG


The landscape has changed and keeps changing when it comes to how companies are planning events. The traditional, mandatory, in-person gatherings are becoming a thing of the past while companies try to evolve with updated guidelines and safety precautions when it comes to their guests. That’s why many companies are adapting to these needs by hosting hybrid events and lucky for you, AEG is a pro at pulling them off without a hitch! 

We work with several great venues like The Hangar, The Wellvue and The Balcony which have ample space to accommodate not only your guests but the extra technology needed for the hybrid aspects.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are when you have a mix of in-person and virtual attendees. It’s a way to integrate two different audiences via technology and helps facilitate interaction between them. A hybrid event can be as simple as live streaming the event to viewers at home or can cover more complex events with interactive virtual components. This can be dependent on how large your event is and what type of engagement you would like your virtual audience to have. 

Ready to discuss options for your upcoming hybrid event? Send us a message to get started!

Benefits of Having a Hybrid Event:

There are many reasons why companies are opting for hybrid events. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Engage Larger Audiences

Opening up your event to a virtual audience allows you to include all sorts of attendees. You’re likely to reach a much larger audience by offering virtual capabilities for those who live too far away, have children to care for, or feel more comfortable staying home instead of an in-person gathering.

ORRA attendees at the 100 year event at The Hangar.

  • Create Multiple Levels of Attendance

While some events are only available to high-level employees in the company, hybrid events allow you to incorporate multiple levels of attendance. You may decide to have an in-person event for VIPs while opening up a virtual attendance to general guests. They are a great way to include everyone in the company.

ORRA presenters at the 100 year event.

  • Allows for Event Documentation

Another great aspect of hybrid events is that it allows for documentation of your event. Live streams can be recorded so that you can create a history of your company’s events and have a resource to access at a later date. 

  • Health & Safety Precautions

Hybrid events allow you to keep the health and safety of your guests in mind. With COVID restrictions and precautions differing across the country, hybrid events give your guests the option of attending through whichever means they are most comfortable with.

Celebrating 100 years with ORRA at the Hangar.

How to Engage Virtual Audiences

While it’s easy to entertain guests at an in-person event, it takes a little more effort and thought to entertain a virtual audience. One of the best ways to do so is to hire a digital host who is NOT at the event, but who will engage and entertain your hybrid attendees during non-programming sections of the event. Think of them as a dedicated “news anchor” inside the “studio” for your event. 

We can help you figure out the best ways to make sure your guests feel included throughout your event.

Why is AEG the Perfect Partner for Your Hybrid Event? 

When hosting an event that involves a lot of technical aspects, it’s important to hire the right people. AEG will make sure your event is integrated seamlessly so that your guests are entertained no matter which way they choose to attend. 

Hybrid events are easy for us because we work with venues that make it super easy to stream your event. AEG is the perfect partner because not only do we have the best venues, we have the best vendors to make your hybrid event a streamlined success.

Contact us today to start planning your hybrid event!


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