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Last Minute Holiday Party Ideas

Virtual or in-person, we've got you covered

Last Minute 2020-Friendly Holiday Party Ideas


We’ve all been through a lot this year, and that’s an accomplishment worth celebrating! We’ve put together special holiday party packages and pricing to accommodate intimate in-person or virtual holiday party experiences. Remember, we specialize in non-traditional events, and 2020 has been anything but the “norm.” Figuring out how to celebrate in new and unique ways is our specialty, so we’ve got you covered!

Here are some ideas on how to stay safe and still keep your holiday spirit.

Intimate In-Person and Virtual Corporate Holiday Party Ideas


At The Crooked Can in Winter Springs, FL

Let us coordinate an evening of beer drinking! With a private beer tasting from the Crooked Can, you can host an intimate event on-site, or we can deliver the beers for you and your guests to enjoy in the office or at home. Our event coordinators will arrange everything!  

Is your team spread out while they’re working remotely? 

We can deliver or arrange for local pick-up for those who are in town and ship the rest to your out-of-town staff for an additional fee.

Reach out to our team to get more information. 

Virtual Beer Tasting

The tasting includes either two (2) or four (4) different and unique brews that you can only get at the Crooked Can! 

Four Beer Virtual Tasting | $50.00* per person**


  • Four beers per person
  • A Dedicated Brewmaster for an hour

*Delivery at an additional fee

**15 people minimum

The client must provide Zoom Link

Two Beer Virtual Tasting | $25.00* per person**


  • Two beers per person
  • A Dedicated Brewmaster for an hour

*Delivery at an additional fee

**15 people minimum

The client must provide Zoom Link

Did this virtual beer tasting get some holiday party ideas brewing? Book your tasting now, and we’ll reach out to finalize the details.


At the Wellborn in Downtown Orlando, FL

We love this option for our clients. We know every office has its set of wine lovers! This event is available in-person or virtually, and you’ll be able to taste some of the world’s most delectable wines. You’ll also learn about new and exciting regions throughout the wine world. So fancy!

The Wellborn Wine Experience can be tailored to your team’s taste and is a fun time for all palettes. These tastings run for about an hour, and packages start at $50.00 per person for groups of 10 or more.  

Need more info? Connect with one of our event planners to get your questions answered.

Below are some examples of our current wine experiences. Pinkies up!


A selection of rosé wines that may make you blush.  


Worldly wines speak of their elemental force (wind, fire, air, earth, water, aether).


How different regions affect a single variety.


A breakdown of the major sensations we experience in wine (acidity, tannin, sweetness, alcohol) and how they balance each other.


An introduction to the low-intervention, natural wine movement.


An educational experience around the “orange” wine phenomenon.  

Are you ready to wine-down at the end of 2020? Book this tasting to celebrate your team’s resilience through one tough year.

Social Distanced Holiday Party Venues

For our last recommendation (these take a little more planning), we have so many venues that allow for proper social distancing. We’ve included a list below for you to check out, but these wide-open spaces’ key features are worth mentioning.

23 Acres Farm

It’s all in the name. We want to get together, but need to be safe. How about 23 Acres of space? Everyone has rekindled their love for nature since things shut down, and this venue can definitely accommodate that fix and your guest list. 

All safety protocols at this venue are CDC compliant.

If you need more info, we have it! Reach out to us to get your questions answered.

Harley Davidson

Love the open road? Harley has the space to give you that feeling while celebrating together. With plenty of outdoor space, your guests will be safely distanced and still able to mingle in smaller groups around the property. With an 8,000 sq. ft. showroom and a 4,000 sq. ft. outdoor terrace, there is plenty of space to enjoy each other without being on top of one another.

All safety protocols at this venue are CDC compliant.

Is this venue revving your engine? Let’s connect to customize your event.

The Hangar

If it’s big enough for a plane, it’s big enough for a socially distanced holiday party. The hangar is 200′ wide by 100′ deep! It usually fits up to 1,500 guests comfortably but could easily accommodate a smaller group looking for a more safe space.

All safety protocols at this venue are CDC compliant.

Don’t let the holidays fly by without a celebration! Our dedicated team is happy to hear your ideas and work with your budget. 

Goodbye forever 2020.

At aVenue, we are obviously big fans of celebrating the big, the little, and the unique wins in life. Making it through 2020 is definitely something worth celebrating. We all have a lot to be grateful for, and as a corporate business ourselves, we know how important sticking together has been this year. We hope you get the chance to celebrate with each other! Stay safe.

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