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At AEG, we’re all about unique ideas and creating events that are a little different from the norm. Adding non-traditional enhancements takes an event to the next level and we’re up for the challenge! Glow moon swings? You got it. On-site helicopter rides? No problem.

Events with an unconventional flair are our specialty, so when Ms. Trippy’s Emporium came to us with a dual event idea, we knew we could create something magical. Our client wanted to combine a Grand Opening with a birthday party – something her guests would not forget! With some unique ideas and resourceful planning, we were able to make the space come to life.

Creating a Vision

Our events all begin with a vision and meticulous planning. Our client had a very specific vision for her event but was open and responsive to creative aspects. We had several phone calls with our client during the planning stage where she discussed her ideas and described the background and history of her store concept. 

From there, we collaborated with Trisha, from FL Event Decor. After our walk-through with her vendors at the warehouse, we were able to gather more information for our client and nail down exactly what she imagined. 

Have some amazing ideas for your event? We’d love to hear them! 

About the Event

The event took place at Ms. Trippy’s Emporium and with the help of FL Event Decor, we were really able to utilize the space we had by using unique decor concepts. We separated spaces within the warehouse using faux greenery walls and designed the rooms to be completely separate, immersive experiences while maintaining the welcoming perception by making them continuous spaces that led into one another.

The setup for this event took approximately 7 hours – between the production, decor, catering, and other elements. This is something that AEG handles completely! Our client was only present at the end of setup and it was only so she could get a VIP showing of her awesome event space before her guests arrived.

Special Features

We wanted to turn her vision into an epic reality and did so by using enhancements that would really ‘wow’ her guests. There were branded signs throughout the venue including a custom-printed Step and Repeat wall with the client’s logo. We had a fairy lamp entrance complete with chandeliers and florals, floating candle walls, oversized glowing flowers and mushrooms, and spiral topiary. Guests could get a glass of champagne from the champagne hedge wall and hang out in the LED Moon Swing Lounge. 

For entertainment, there was a Tank & the Bangas Virtual Performance, a trio of belly dancers and sounds by DJ Nitti Gritti. Other special features included fiber optic galaxy curtains, twinkle ivy bar, LED glow cubes, and luminescent cocktail tables. 

Are you ready to throw a one-of-a-kind event? Send us a message and let’s get started!

Our client was emotional when she saw the space and said we went above and beyond to create an experience better than what she had imagined! We also got one of the biggest compliments from one of our entertainers, Grammy-nominated DJ Nitti Gritti. He was under the impression that we were tied with Insomniac Events, which is the world’s largest EDM event creator. (We aren’t, but we’re thrilled by the comparison!) 

Ms. Trippy’s Emporium had SO many great enhancements that made this a night to remember. 

Think your vision is really out there? We’re up for the challenge!

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