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Partnerships Built on Trust: aVenue’s Vendor & Venue Relations

Partnerships Built on Trust: aVenue’s Vendor & Venue Relations


Get to know aVenue’s newest dream team: Annalise and Juan. We talked to this duo in an exclusive interview about their efforts to bring a unique experience to every event.

As aVenue’s freshest duo handling vendor and venue relations, Annalise and Juan are building valuable relationships and taking every event to the next level. This job is no easy feat as they meet and exceed venue and vendor expectations. Get the full story below on how Annalise and Juan help aVenue #ditchtheballroom.

Annalise is in charge of building and maintaining relationships with 40+ unique venues in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Minneapolis–St.Paul. Her job entails venue meetings, bringing aVenue Event Orders (AEOs) to the team, and onboarding new venues. She is the direct liaison between the venue owners or managers and the aVenue team. Before Annalise stepped in, each team member coordinated with the venues individually– so you can imagine how much more streamlined the process became with this new position in place! 

Juan is the ultimate people-person and bridge between the aVenue team and all vendors. If the team needs anything from entertainment for an event to a repairman for a venue, it goes through Juan. Similar to Annalise, if the vendor needs to communicate to someone on the team, Juan is the go-to guy.

Both Juan and Annalise have a common goal to streamline all communications to ease stress for venues, vendors, and the aVenue team. 

Since Annalise and Juan began managing venue and vendor relationships, they’ve received nothing but positive feedback. Venues and vendors love having one point of contact rather than reaching out to a handful of team members for different things (the team also loves having a single contact to streamline the communication process!)

“No one is scrambling to message someone. They know who to contact.” 

– Juan 

As time goes on, they envision growing their own team to share the responsibility as aVenue adds more venues and vendors in different markets.  

Annalise and Juan have both found their calling working in these new positions. One of their favorite parts about their new roles is developing and maintaining relationships with venues and vendors.

“I’m such a people person that even just going out into the field and talking is a perk for me.” 

– Juan

“I am such a people person as well. Having the venues trust me with their thoughts and concerns is big for me, and I’m enjoying that.” – Annalise  

On the other hand, Juan also enjoys the perks from his vendors, especially the food vendors. 

“Just today, I had a meeting with a caterer that prepared a six-course meal, and I am SO full.” – Juan 

Above all, Annalise and Juan treasure each relationship made with a venue or vendor. To them, it’s what makes the job perfectly suited to them. Their ability to connect with people makes them the dream team of venue and vendor relationship management. 

When it comes to event planning with aVenue, there are factors people may not consider.  While aVenue is known for unique venues, some may not know we also take pride in our distinctive vendors. 

“We always strive to find the most unique vendors to bring into our unique venues… Since we’re in the event planning industry, we want to give our clients a ‘wow’ experience” – Annalise 

All this isn’t possible without positive vendor and venue relationships. Each relationship created is valued because they’re continually building a network of top-tier contacts for future events of all types. Relationship building is what makes Annalise and Juan the perfect fit for the job. Not only do they have a great partner relationship with one another, but they also cultivate that skill out in the field. 

“I think when they were hiring me for this role, they knew that Annalise and I were going to make a good team. When they saw our personalities and realized our strengths, they knew we were going to make a great team.” – Juan

At aVenue, there’s nothing we value more than the power of a great relationship. Whether it be a relationship between venue and vendor relationship managers or between the aVenue team and clients, each adds to a valuable experience. Annalise and Juan are perfect examples of a great team partnership. They both respect and trust one another to get the job done, making them a powerful team. Moreover, building trust with venues and vendors contributes to a successful partnership on both sides. At aVenue, we don’t just give you an exclusive venue or vendor; we give you a streamlined working experience as well. 


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