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We Want to Hear From You

We Want to Hear From You

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The survey itself should take no longer than 10 minutes, and in exchange for your time, you’ll be entered in a raffle to win a $100 bar tab at Mathers Social Gathering. The winner will be drawn randomly on Friday, July 31st at 5 PM EST.  Make sure you include your email in the survey, so we know how to reach you!

Not Just Another Survey
In light of recent events, the entire world has been forced to reevaluate the way we gather. As we navigate these new waters, we need to work together and communicate as much as possible. That’s why this isn’t just another customer satisfaction survey. We’re gathering information from every source – corporations, convention exhibitors, event planners, suppliers, and guests – to help determine a new standard for corporate conventions and events.


Every Voice Matters
Our number one priority is and always has been your safety. That’s why we’re collecting information from every role necessary to host an event. We believe that every person will present a unique perspective. Together, we can prepare to move forward with practices that will protect all parties.

This survey will help us develop protocols, inform our communications, and allow us to continue to meet and exceed your expectations. We understand everybody has been impacted differently by the effects of COVID-19, and we want to understand the unique challenges you’re facing.

Current Efforts
Thanks to the excellent relationships we have with the many venues in our portfolio, we’re working closely with their management and staff to establish baseline safety protocols. Given the unconventional nature of our venues, each one requires it’s own unique protocols. We intend to offer complete transparency and allow you to make educated decisions. We’re sharing the safety measures and our internal guidelines for each venue with all our clients or prospective clients. See below our current safety measures at our exclusive venues.

The Survey Results
After analyzing the results of the survey, we’ll publish our findings here. The words “Stronger Together” have been thrown around a lot over the past few months, but this is something we take to heart. We believe it’s essential for this information to be made available to whoever needs it: event planners, venues, restaurant owners, or anybody in the business of bringing people together. To make this survey more useful, we’re relying on our friends, family, clients, and venue partners to share it with as many in the industry as possible.

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