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Who is Couture Med Spa?

Couture Med Spa® is a leader in the medical aesthetics industry in the Central Florida area. They provide their clientele with affordable services, unsurpassed treatment efficacy, all while maintaining high regard for personal safety.

They are also very well-known for their first-of-its-kind membership program, that is designed to provide ultimate affordability while accessing the highest quality med spa services in Central Florida. In order to showcase new products, services, and membership offerings, Couture Med Spa hosts numerous events throughout the year.

With a little help from AEG, and with the incredible growth that Couture Med Spa has had, what began as one or two events a year, has grown to as many as 5-6 events a year… and we couldn’t be any more up for the challenge!


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At the heart of Couture Med Spa® is owner and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Diane Gillin. After earning her masters in nursing from the University of South Alabama and starting her career in facial plastic surgery, Diane became an advanced injector for Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, and Perlane. She has had extensive training in laser therapies and other anti-aging specialties. Diane has also received the “Daisy Award” for outstanding nursing. This award is given out four times a year honoring clinical excellence and compassionate medical care.

CMS originally partnered with AEG in 2016, and has executed over 20 client mixer events across their 3 locations in Winter Park, Oveido and Ocoee.

Couture Med Spa & Avenue Event Group

In order to maintain and grow their regular business, and simultaneously plan 5-6 events a year that can get them the ROI they were expecting, Couture Med Spa sought out AEG to assist in planning, facilitating and execution of their client mixer events. Our partnership began in 2016, and since then, we’ve hosted 20 events over the past 4 years! Through the years, Couture Med Spa has since opened (2) additional locations, in addition to their flagship Winter Park spa!


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The benefit of working with the same planning firm is simply – we know you, and we know your event. AEG has assisted in the planning of numerous Couture Med Spa Events. From Grand Openings at new locations to Themed Evenings for current and potential clients. Although each event may be different, having that long-lasting relationship allows us to bring things to the table that the client didn’t even know that they needed!

After 4 years of working with CMS, we have the planning process down to a science! Every year, we hop on a planning call with our point of contact, to plan out the expected dates for events throughout the year. We pick the themes as well, so we can get to work on outlining the ideas for the year! Of course, events can pop-up here and there, but this gives us our marching orders for the year! It also allows our planners & coordinators to secure the best of the best when it comes to talent & vendors.

Speaking of themes, Some of our favorite & most memorable to date were the Mystery Med Spa and Mystical Med Spa. Mystery Med Spa was so much fun because it was a very interactive event where we had actors portraying Ms. Peacock and Colonel Mustard. They were strolling throughout the event, while the guests were meeting with each of the vendors to get “clues” as to who killed the Med Spa director. It kept the clients engaged in learning about the products and it made for an overall fun experience for all! Mystical Med Spa was so fun! We got to add a little more of a whimsical and decorative aspect to the event, and it really had all of our creative juices flowing! We had everything from Unicorns, Fairies, Mermaids and LOTS of Glitter!

We are Different
Because We are Invested

We like to become experts, when it comes to perfecting events for our clients, and Couture Med Spa is no different.

For instance, we know that for every event, we’re going to need an entertainment element to help draw the guests into the party and really immerse them into the theme of the evening!



Thank you so much Audrey, Sean and the entire team for helping us have a very successful event. Everything went perfect. Your team was amazing the entire time! We look forward to working with Avenue Event Group for all our future events!

- Ashley Gillin


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