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15 Holiday Party Enhancement Ideas for a Truly Festive Event

15 Holiday Party Enhancement Ideas for a Truly Festive Event

Sean Hughes Jr. | Orlando

Want to add a little sparkle to your holiday party? We’ve put a list together of 15 holiday party enhancements to really deck the halls for your guests!

Table Decor Enhancements

Sure, everyone loves a well decorated table, but there are ways to make it festive without looking cheesy or overdone. Take a look at some cozy, yet classy floral arrangement and linen options.

  1. Floral Arrangements
  2. Linens

Decor Enhancements

Make your event merry and bright by adding these decor enhancements. Whether it’s Santa’s sleigh or twinkly lights, you can bring the holiday spirit to any venue. 


  1. Santa
  2. Sparkle

Unique Entertainment

Entertainment can teeter between overdone or unnecessary when it comes to making both your guests and your boss (or whoever is funding the event) happy. Here are a few examples that we think everyone will get excited about:

  1. Stilt Walkers
  2. Buddy the Elf
  3. Live Interactive Holiday Wall
  4. Caricature Artist
  5. Mirror Photo Booth
  6. Electric Violinist
  7. Interactive Holiday Photo flipbooks (take away)

Boozy Food and Beverage  (for guests 21+ years old)

The food will be great, we’re sure of it, but how about adding a few details to make it a little more memorable? We have a couple of suggestions and yes, they all include alcohol. C’mon, it’s a party!

  1. Signature Drinks
  2. Chill Pop Lounge: Alcoholic Popsicles
  3. Tipsy Brownies + Cookies: Alcoholic Confections

Furniture Rentals

Seating can get a little bland when you’re hosting in a ballroom or a traditional hall, but it can also become a little daunting when you’ve got a large unique space, like a warehouse or an airplane hangar. We know because we’re had to think through it all. Here’s a fun take to your age-old seating arrangement.

  1. Snowflake + Snowball Lounge Area

Are you excited to plan your holiday party now? Reach out to get started…and we’ll take it from there. 

Let’s plan your party!


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