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Amplified Sound at The Balcony

Amplified Sound at The Balcony

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The Balcony Orlando is committed to being a best-in-class venue. We work hard to be great neighbors in our Downtown community and to operate above board in all that we do. This expectation of ourselves is also expected of all guests to the venue. Great music is a key part of any great party, so we’ve put together these standards to ensure that all clients and vendors hosting events at the Venue can do so successfully. It is very important that any guest to the Venue who utilizes Amplified Sound follow these standards and requirements.

When it comes to event day, you are providing quality service to your client and we expect that it’s done in a professional manner without direction from the Venue. As the Venue, we play our part in providing these guidelines ahead of time to help you successfully serve your client during the event. We also provide clear actions that will be taken by the Venue following an event when these standards are not upheld.

If you have any questions to the standards below, feel free to reach out to the Venue team by email to [email protected].Thanks for being a part of making The Balcony Orlando one of Downtown Orlando’s best places to celebrate the moments worth remembering.

Amplified Sound Standards

  • Any use of the venue requires complete adherence to all applicable laws.
  • Vendors utilizing Amplified Sound at the Venue must attain and provide proof of receipt ofan Amplified Sound Permit from the City of Orlando for the date and time of the event.
  • The role of The Balcony Orlando is not to interpret the laws on your behalf. Please seekproper legal counsel if you have any questions related to the Amplified Sound Ordinances or any other laws which may affect your delivery of services to your client during an event at the Venue. We will not be liable or responsible for any miscommunication or interpreta- tion of the ordinances.
  • A vendor who does not provide proof of a required Amplified Sound Permit on or before the event will not be permitted access to the Venue until a permit is presented.
  • If security, code enforcement, Orlando Police Department, or any other enforcement visits the Venue following a noise complaint, they will be immediately directed to the permit holder. The Venue will not speak to the noise complaint on the permit holder’s behalf.
  • The Venue will not direct the permit holder to adjust their delivery of services while at the Venue. The permit holder is expected to know and follow the requirements of the Permit and to monitor themselves for proper adherence to the ordinances.
  • If a vendor receives a citation while operating at the Venue, the vendor will be removed from the Venue’s recommended vendor list for at least six (6) months.
  • If a vendor receives a second citation while operating at the Venue, the vendor will be banned from providing services at the venue for at least twelve (12) months.

Resource Links

Permit Request for Amplified Sound

City of Orlando Ordinances: Noise Chapter 42

Printable PDF: Amplified Sound at The Balcony Orlando

Contact The Balcony: 407-730-9547 | [email protected]

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