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Who is 3M Health Care?

3M Health Information Systems delivers innovative software and consulting services designed to raise the bar for clinical documentation improvement, computer-assisted coding, mobile physician applications, case mix and quality outcomes reporting, and document management. They are one of the World’s largest providers of software in the healthcare industry.

Each year, 3M attends the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Convention. Each year, the location varies to a new major city in the US, and in 2017, the convention was hosted in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center.


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Minute Intimate Concert

In late 2016, MRM-MCANN, an Experiential Marketing Firm working on behalf of 3M, reached out to AEG and many other local event professionals across Florida, in search of the right planning company to assist them in the venue sourcing, planning, and executing of an event with celebrity caliber talent.  After preparing a detailed proposal, and many lengthy phone conversations, MRM-MCANN selected AEG as the planning firm for their upcoming program. Once that was done, it was off to the races.

With a little under 3 months to make it happen, AEG prepared site inspections with 10 venues in Orlando, that had the availability and capabilities that we would need in order to host an event of this magnitude. What set this program apart from the rest (besides the A-List artist!), was that AEG was touring and siting venues outside of AEG’s exclusive venue offerings, and some of those venues were options that we had never hosted events at in the past.  We didn’t let that stop us, in fact, it motivated us to break barriers & rise to the occasion. After a month of discussions, we finally landed on a venue, but we weren’t close to event-ready. We needed to find talent, and have them agree to the location. The negotiations weren’t for the faint of heart, but we finally secured our Named Talent, and he had agreed to play at the unique venue of the client’s choice – a private Airport Hangar at Orlando Executive Airport.

3M inquired with over 15 Event Production Companies and trusted Avenue Event Group to manage their signature 2017 HIMSS Event in Orlando

3M & Avenue Event Group

3M and AEG teamed up to plan and produce “Keith Urban, Live at the Hangar” during the HIMSS show in 2017, a milestone event that had a terrific turnout and is still the talk of the annual HIMSS show.  AEG took a blank canvas, all white hangar space and transformed it into an unforgettable setting for a corporate concert.  AEG arranged the A/V, production and contracted Urban, along with managing all event vendors as well.


Guests enjoying an intimate evening with Keith Urban!

How we contributed to the event's success

The airport Hangar was the perfect location, an all-white empty 20,000 square ft space, with a backdrop of planes & runway lights in the background. The space needed a lot of work. From transforming the lighting from ‘warehouse lightings’ to atmospheric and ambient, to bringing in luxury restrooms, no detail was left unfinished. We knew that guests had been to concerts before, but we needed this experience to be intimate, and exclusive, so we kicked the typical seated tables to the curb, and brought in cocktail tables, and soft seating. That way, guests could sit back and relax on the couch, and still be sitting front row at a Keith Urban Concert.

Advertising the event to their guests was one hurdle we had to get through. We didn’t want an overabundance of guests who were not invited, just because they heard Keith Urban would be at the event.. (because come on, anyone would!). In order to avoid that issue, we kept certain details a mystery, namely, the location. Any guests who’d RSVP’d on the Event Website were given a concert lanyard on the Convention Floor, but they still were unsure of where the event was taking place. From there, we arranged for staff to welcome any guests with Lanyards at the Convention Center, and they conveniently escorted them to the busses where they would be taken directly to the venue, for the event. The staff not only ensured that guests with lanyards could find their way quickly and conveniently to the pick-up location, but they stayed on the busses through drop off as well.

Upon arrival, the guests were dropped at their grand entrance, where they would walk into their private concert experience. From planes in the Hangar, to concert swag available for giveaways, there was no stone left unturned. From branded banners flanking the sides of the stage, to 3M giving away (10) signed guitars to some of their VIP guests, the event was an overwhelming success! It could not have gotten any better, Keith even FaceTimed with a family member of a guest, who was streaming the concert on his phone. Not only was the event a success, but 3M received an abundance of feedback the following day on the show floor!

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“A big, big thank you for your hard work to pull off last week’s launch event/concert. Monday was an incredible night and our executives, employees, and most importantly, our customers loved it. Keith Urban was fantastic.”

“We had such great feedback and we couldn’t have done this without your hard work. We set out to have an explosive launch and this week was exactly the way to do that.”

- 3M

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