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From Engagement to the End of the Aisle, aVenue is With You Through it All

From Engagement to the End of the Aisle, aVenue is With You Through it All


Planning a wedding from start to finish requires many moving pieces. Luckily with aVenue by your side, we’ll make your special day feel like a breeze.

Congratulations! You just got engaged!

After the celebration of your beautiful commitment to each other, some may think to themselves, ‘now what?’ Wedding planning can be challenging to wrap your head around with all the wedding-related events surrounding your big day. Wedding events such as the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, the farewell brunch, and the actual wedding, of course! Get insight into all the events that lead up to the end of the aisle.

The Engagement Party is the celebration before the celebration. It is the event to tell all your loved ones ‘get ready, cause here we come!’ Usually, the engagement party gives your guests a sneak peek into what the actual day will be like, without giving away too much. Think of it as the appetizer to your wedding. The engagement party is also a great way to introduce both sides of your family and friends to each other, leaving them excited to come together again.

The Bridal Shower is for the close people in your life. Traditionally the bridal shower was meant to ‘shower’ the bride with gifts that benefit the couple in their marriage. Nowadays, bridal showers are more than just gift showers – it allows you to have an intimate gathering with your loved ones to celebrate the beginning of your new family unit. Of course, a shower isn’t a shower without fun activities. From bride-related quizzes to games where you’re reenacting your favorite scene from Bridesmaids, showers are a fun way to get together before the big day. 

The Rehearsal Dinner is usually the night before the wedding. With family arriving and hours before the big day, there is loads of anticipation in the air. However, the rehearsal dinner is essential to any wedding. Without it, we’d have bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the aisle at different times. We’d probably lose track of that one family member who, let’s face it, is at the bar watching sports. The rehearsal dinner is more of a rehearsal, after all. It’s to let your immediate family and bridal party know where to be and when to be there. Then comes the dinner to settle everyone’s nerves with delicious food and feel-good toasts. At this point, all you have to focus on is enjoying the moment! After all, it is the last dinner before you say ‘I do!’

The Big Day has arrived. The day we’ve all been waiting for is here. Out of all the events that led up to this moment, the wedding day is by far the biggest. All the pieces finally come together to celebrate love. It’s almost as if the world was put on pause for an instant as you say your forever vows to your forever person in a place that feels eternal to you. Following this magical moment is the reception! The time where you dance until your shoes come off, where your partner’s aunt dances with your aunt, once strangers, now family. The wedding is where your moment becomes etched in family history.

The Farewell Brunch is typically the last event before you say farewell to all your guests and embark on your honeymoon. Usually, this casual brunch is planned for later in the morning as most would like some rest from the night before. After an enchanted evening, everyone is reminiscing about the special day. Whether your guests reflect on the food they ate, the music danced to, or people they met, they will always look back at this time as one to remember. Of course, all this reflection can’t be done on an empty stomach! Queue delicious brunch, please! And maybe a mimosa or two. 

At aVenue, nothing brings us more joy than helping create memories to last a lifetime. We ensure that all moments leading to the big moments are curated with exceptional attention to detail and care. Handling moments like these are what gives us pride in what we do. From venue selection, decor management, and menu selection, aVenue will be by your side to make sure each event goes off without a hitch. All we need you to do is be in the moment. So before you say ‘I do’ at the end of the aisle, say ‘I do’ to plan with us. We’ll handle each moment, from your engagement party to the post-wedding brunch. 


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