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We’ve Got Your Back: aVenue and Client Relations

We’ve Got Your Back: aVenue and Client Relations


Planning an event is never a walk in the park. However, with aVenue by your side, we’ll make sure it feels exactly like that. 



We had a chance to sit down with aVenue’s client experts, Frances and Mckaylie, and chat about how they handle operating an event from inception to realization. Planning an event has dozens of moving parts, from making sure the venue matches the demands of the event to the number of chairs and tables needed. Frances and McKaylie are here to ensure all goes as seamlessly as possible. Read more below on how these women pull off each event without a hitch, and gather insight on how aVenue works with you to execute your vision. 



As exceptional as Fran and McKaylie are on their own, their expertise shines when they work together to pull off the perfect event. Fran, the Director of Operations, oversees the big-picture strategy for all events; while Mckaylie, the Event Operations Manager, handles the details and makes sure the day-of execution is seamless. With each event, Fran writes up a clear plan to ensure that aVenue meets the client’s expectations in the most realistic way possible. She makes sure to lay out every step so there is little to no work for the client. Alternatively, McKaylie is in charge of the day-of-event operations. She makes sure that the day of your event goes off without a hitch. From tackling staffing to making sure the venue is up to standard, she is your go-to. The operations team is here to turn your event from dream to reality. They make sure your event is memorable for your guests and, most importantly, you! 

Although pulling off a perfect event with zero mishaps is often a fantasy, Fran and McKaylie gave us their best pro tips to get as close to perfect as possible.


Pro Tip #1: DIY isn’t always ideal. 

Sure, we can all agree that Pinterest and other bloggers have swoon-worthy ideas for do-it-yourself decor. However, we don’t realize “doing it yourself” may also mean stressing about it yourself. Why not save the headaches and let one of our professional vendors create the decor of your dreams. Instead of doing it yourself, you can dream it yourself and let our top-tiered vendors execute it for you.

Of course, if you’re looking for a personal touch, DIY decor can be a great idea. Here are some helpful tips to help lay out your decor just the way you envisioned:  

  1. Label the box of decor with what is in the box.
  2. Include a photo of how you would like it laid out. 
  3. Include quantities of each piece of decor in the box. 



Pro-tip #2: Trust the people you hired


When you work with aVenue, we want you to know we have your best interests in mind. Our goal is to pull off the event of your dreams. Of course, trust does not come without communication. If there’s anything you’re curious about or need to know, we are available to answer any questions you may have. On the day of your event, we want you to be in the moment. Know that there is no need to worry about the details at this point. We’re professionals when it comes to event planning, and anything you think of during the event is already taken care of. As long as you communicate your event desires to us, we’ll work to turn those desires into reality. 


Pro-tip #3: “Why can’t we be friends?”


We know how personal planning your special event can be. While the event is our top priority we also value you as a person and understand this is about more than just a party. We want to be your trusted event partner but also your friend! A friendly relationship means more to us than a transactional relationship because who pulls off a better event than one of your close friends? 


Pro-tip #4: Why so serious? It’s just a party after all! 


With all the stress and moving parts of planning an event, it can be hard to remember YOU are also there to have a good time. We know you want everything to be perfect but sometimes we have to make changes on the fly. Our end goal is always for you and your guests to have a great time! At aVenue, Fran and McKaylie made it clear that they are the ultimate OPS team, aka Official Party Starters. The team is ready to get the party started (with finesse and professionalism, of course). 



Pro-tip #5: Tell us your three wishes 


When planning an event, we all have a vision of how the event will play out. Whether it’s ensuring the DJ plays (or doesn’t play) a certain song, or that the bar is open all night, we want to know! Advise us on the top three things that must go right, and we’ll prioritize those things. If having an open bar AND a band are on your wishlist, considering a weekday event may be the way to go. As Fran pointed out, no one ever asks “What day was your wedding?” If you let us know your needs from the beginning of planning your event, we can work to give you the best possible outcome. 

At aVenue, there’s nothing we value more than pulling off a memorable event. We want to make sure you and your guests leave the event with memories to last a lifetime. Our client relations team is here to make that happen. Event planning is not a one-way street, so let us know what your event dreams are. We’re here to make them come true! Know that with aVenue, you’re in good hands. So next time you’re planning a special celebration, let us help. 



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